Animation Europe list of animation films produced in Europe

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Here are some websites I've found useful in putting together Animation Europe.

The animation blog
There should really be a law against animation blogs without absurd names. But there isn't.

Animation hard to find
Could it be hard to find for a reason?

Animation World Network
US-based animation industry portal.

Animation Magazine US-based animation monthly.

Includes archive of synopses, images and clips of films and TV programmes.

Anime News Network.
It's the CNN of the anime obsessive's world.

Annecy Film Festival
Website of the premier animation festival, including the Animaquid database of animated films.

Association francaise du cinema d’animation
Site devoted to feature-length French animated films.

Cartoni Online
Italian animation website. Very comprehensive. Not as stylish as most things Italian.

Cartoon Brew
Really good animation news site.

Cartoon Website of Cartoon, EU-funded hub of the European animation production business.

Superb French-language fansite 'dedicated to animation and other stimulating images'.

Chronology of Animation
Richard Llewellyn's incredibly comprehensive record of all animation production, worldwide, ever. Includes TV series and shorts as well as films.

Cold Hard Flash
Highly professional website devoted to flash animation.

Danish Film Institute
Filmography of Danish feature films.

Esperanto Paul Pol
Strangely named (neither one thing (mass murdering Cambodian despot) nor the other (Britian's Got Talent singer) but very good Spanish blog. And the place I found out about a few of these links.

Frames per second
Canadian website and magazine.

German Cinema
Film archive of films produced in Germany.

Golden Age Cartoons
Golden Age being US movie shorts and that sort of thing.

Blog. Obviously.

Database of film admissions, searchable by title and director (but not genre). In English, French and German.

Rather wonderful site about Japanese animation and more.

Pretty good site devoted to animation made by people who can't draw.

Spanish Ministry of Culture
Database of Spanish films, including admissions and box office. Hard to find a better government site.

Swedish Film Institute
Swedish film finance body. Listing of Swedish films produced each year.

The Big Cartoon Database Searchable but slapdash database of animated movies TV series and shorts.

UK animation site – readable, often updated and rather excellent archive of TV and film productions.

Hypertext encyclopedia of mainly US animation by Don Markstein. Only men would do this sort of thing.

Films, TV series and specials released in Germany.

Waiting for Kalki The Godot of the animation world.

Listing of animated TV series broadcast in Germany.

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