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Funding for animation production in the UK

The two most important sources of funding in the UK are the National Lottery, and the tax break system for feature films currently in effect.

Support is largely aimed at feature films rather than TV programmes.

The new (since 2010) UK Government has closed the national film agency, the UK Film Council, established in 2000. National Lottery Funding will continue to be made available to support film, with the British Film Institute now responsible for handing it out. To encourage the BFI in its new responsibilites, the Government cut its grant by 15% over the next four years.

The UKFC did little to support UK animation. I can only think of one film, Illuminated Film Co's A Christmas Carol (2001), which actually got any support from the UKFC, although Graham Ralph's Water Warriors (which has not been produced) got some development money.

The UK Film Council website still has some information about funding.

National and regional funds

The National Lottery funds Scottish Screen, the Northern Ireland Film and TV Commission and nine agencies covering different areas of England. For the most part the RIFE agencies support short film production, training and educational programmes. However, the NW England agency has set up a film and TV production fund offering financial support to companies and productions made in the city of Liverpool. The Merseyside Film and Television Development Fund makes grants of up to €380,000.

Wales has wound up its lottery-funded body Sgrin and replaced it with a Creative IP Fund administered by the national governing body, the Assembly.

Links to national and regional funds are here:

Scottish Screen

Northern Ireland Screen

Welsh Assembly

NW England: Vision+Media

NE England: Northern Film & Media

Yorkshire: Screen Yorkshire

West Midlands: Screen WM

East Midlands: EM Media

Eastern England: Screen East went into liquidation in 2010.

South Western England: South West Screen & Cornwall Film

South East: Screen South

London: Film London

Film tax relief

Tax incentives to encourage the production of feature films in the UK are still in place. These provide a complementary source of funding for feature films (including animation).

A minimum of 25 per cent of the production cost is to be spent in the UK.

Films taking advantages of the scheme include Valiant (2005).

The website of HM Revenue & Customs has more information.

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