Animation Europe list of animation films produced in Europe

This site was made by Tim Westcott, a London-based journalist. I'm a writer specialising in the animation business.

I have written a lot about the animation and children's TV business, writing reports about animation for IHS Technology (formerly Screen Digest) (my day job), including Animation: the Challenge for Investors, The Business of Children's Television and Animated Movies. I also wrote European Feature Animation for Cartoon, the European animation platform.

Despite strenuous efforts to make sure the lists are complete, I may be missing films or details about them. I'd be happy to hear from you.

I try to reply to every e-mail (unless they relate to non-prescription medication or break the news of the death of a distant relative in an accident in Nigeria) but I'm afraid I can't finance, produce, distribute your project or spare you the time and effort of finding someone who can... If you do ask me do so, you obviously need to think a bit harder about your development strategy!

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With my debut novel/film screenplay/TV series/limerick still in development, here are my some of my publications so far:

European Feature Animation, published by Cartoon. The genesis of this site. Having put together a list of every feature film produced in Europe for this publication, I thought it would be a shame if I didn't put it online and keep it updated.

Animation: The Challenge for Investors my first report on the animation industry published by Screen Digest in November 2011. I have continued to track TV animation production (as well as film) for IHS Screen Digest.

The Business of Children's Television stemmed from a research project for the World Children's Summit in London in 1997 and became my first Screen Digest report. I have since done three further editions of this, the last one in September 2010.