Animation Europe list of animation films produced in Europe

Full-length animated films currently in production in Europe, plus a few more in advanced development or pre-production.

This list is not exhaustive - I try to add everything I stumble upon...

Please contact me if you have any amendments or updates.

LATEST: there are 5 films in production and another 39 in pre-production:

In Production

Hunting of the Snark, The
: 64 mins
: UK
: From the 3rd Story (UK)
: Saranne Bensusan
: Lawrence Mallinson, Chris Wright, Guthrie Lowe

J'ai Perdu mon Corps
: Rosalie is a right hand. She previously belonged to Naoufel, but a circular saw separated them. She escapes from a Med School fridge and sets off in search of her body. During this expedition, Rosalie thinks back on the life she shared with Naoufel: their childhood in Rabat, the car accident that made them orphans and their exile to France, their pizza deliveryman job… And then, one day, Naoufel falls in love with Gabrielle. He gets taken on by her uncle as an apprentice woodworker. That’s when the circular saw separates our two protagonists. When Rosalie finds Naoufel at last, he is in a dreadful state but Rosalie takes things in hand, and manages to strengthen the boy’s tie to Gabrielle.
: 80 mins
: France
: Jérémy Clapin
: Jérémy Clapin, Guillaume Laurant
: Rezo Films (France)

Tower of Dreams, The (Tower of Dreams, The)
: 78 mins
: Czech Republic/Slovakia
: Salamander Syndicate (Czech Republic), All in Agency (Czech Republic), Flamesite (Czech Republic), Česká Televize (Czech TV) (Czech Republic), AVF (Slovak Audiovisual Fund) (Slovakia), Studio Virtual (Czech Republic), RTVS (Slovakia)
: Tomáš Krejčí

Hot Heart Story
: The tale of Dunka, a girl from a small, poor seaside town, who makes the decision to escape her home in search of a better life with money and comfort. While working on a freighter, she's involved in the rescue of a sinking boat full of African refugees. Dunka takes a now-orphaned Sudanese child survivor under her care. This unforeseen event takes her through Africa on a dangerous journey that exposes many global and social issues of today and provides her with what is truly most important in life.
: 98 mins
: India/Poland
: Artevision (Poland), Auracine Entertainment (Poland)
: Anira Wojan
: Anira Wojan
: Anna Dziumowicz, Julia Mafalda
: Presented at Cartoon Movie 2014.

: Belgium/Germany
: Constantin Film Produktion (Germany)
: Cyborn (Belgium)
: Tomer Eshed
: Johnny Smith
: Oliver Berben, Martin Moszkowicz

Pre Production

Marvi Hämmer & Der ägyptische Fluch
: 90 mins
: Germany
: Reverse Angle Dockside (Germany)
: Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
: Oliver Huzly, Philip Lazebnik, Volker Präkelt

Egil, az utolso pogany (Egill, the Last Pagan)
Egil, az utolso pogany
: Wild and uncontrollable Icelander Egill Skallagrimsson is not a handsome man. When the god Odin hears his plea to become a great warrior, Odin promises Egill he'll become famous indeed - not as the warrior he wishes, but as a poet. Words may well come in handy when Egill sneaks aboard the ship his brother, the handsome Thorolf, is sailing from Iceland to Norway. Thorolf seeks to marry Asgerd, the woman Egill secretly loves. Though their family has been feuding with Norway's King, Harald, Thorolf hopes the marriage will make him the King's man and pledges his loyalty to Harald's son, Eirik. When Eirik becomes King, the barons gather at a great feast to honor the new King Eirik and his Queen, Gunnhild, an ambitious sorceress. Egill insults both King and Queen by refusing to praise them with his poetry, adding injury to insult by killing their host, Bard, who was Eirik's right hand man. King Eirik outlaws Egill from Norway and, now suspicious or Thorolf's loyalty, sends him on an impossible mission to the court of England's King Adalstein to kill Eirik's half-brother, Hakon. Leaving Asgerd behind as Eirik's hostage, Thorolf and Egill set sail for England and encounter Hakon, whose goodness and honor earn him not their assassination but their allegiance. Thorolf and Egill fight by Hakon's side against the rebelling Scots in the hope that Hakon can replace Eirik on the Norwegian throne. The Scots are overwhelmed, but the intervention of Gunnhild's witchcraft costs Thorolf his life. Focusing his sorrow into fury, Egill buries his brother and swears revenge. Back in Norway, the wicked Queen's treacheries win yet again, keeping Egill on the run and struggling to stay one step ahead of her dark magic. Egill tries to return to Norway when he learns Hakon has dethroned Eirik, but Gunnhild's black magic places him at their mercy. Only by heeding the advice of the King's Captain and Egill's blood brother, Arinbjorn, is Egill able to save his life and forever break Gunnhild's spell on Eirik by performing a powerful poem in honor of the beleaguered King.
: Canada/Hungary/Iceland
: Caoz Studio (Iceland), Lichthof Productions (Hungary), Se-Ma-For Produkcja Filmowa (Poland)
: Aron Gauder
: Tamas Liszka
: Erik Novak, Zbigniew Zmudski, Arnar Thorissen
: €22m

Grass Roots: the Movie
Grass Roots: the Movie
: For once, the Freak Brothers find themselves with plenty of cash and some righteous weed. But this is no ordinary marijuana: it's been genetically modified as part of a sinister plot by the Government - the ultimate weapon in the war against drugs. So when Norbert the Nark - secret agent and rock-jawed defender of decency- accidentally gives the prototype dope to the Freak Brothers, with Government agents hot on their trail the boys have to leave town fast. Now's the time to fulfil their long-cherished dream of retiring to grow marijuana in the country. Although they've never attempted even basic survival more than a hundred yards from a 7-11, they acquire a remote plot of land and get to grips with Mother Nature - who quickly fights back. The three obliging chicks who join their 'commune' become less obliging once they acquaint the Freak Brothers with the realities of modern gender politics. Meanwhile, the local town turns out to be run by a hot-gospel fundamentalist religious sect which baptises wild animals. And what goes on in the Secret Sinister Government Research Institute, run by the brilliant but disturbed Dr Squine up in the hills? Surely the Brothers haven't chosen to hide right next to the very place where the Government is testing the genetically modified 'product'... ..can they? This hilarious, rip roaring yarn is includes Fat Freddy's Cat, whose sagacity and tolerance in the face of perpetual human idiocy makes him the expert witness. His admirable sang froid is ruffled only when he falls in love with a local mountain lion. As the story reaches a nail-biting, bong-clutching climax, only his selfless heroism can save the Freak Brothers from the most dangerous enemies of all - themselves.
: Canada/UK
: Bolex Brothers (UK)
: Dave Borthwick
: Gilbert Shelton, Paul Davies, Edith Grove
: Andy Leighton, Greg Jones, Janice Evans
: Bruce Higham, David Lascelles, Manfred Mroczkowski
: £8m
: Based on Gilbert Sheldon's Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comis.

Glenkill (Three Bags Full)
: In this bestseller adaption feature film based on Germany’s recent fiction sensation Three Bags Full (original German title: Glennkill), a thriller for the whole family, the audience becomes the detective. The book sold over 1.5 million copies in Germany and been published in more than thirty languages. How can a flock of sheep star in a murder mystery? What do sheep do other than graze, sleep and bleat? Well, apparently they think about the world. Observe it. Sniff out trails and research them. Analyse facts. Create hypotheses. Discuss them. Or at least, the sheep of Glennkill on the Irish west coast do this. In fact, they can even solve a murder. Namely, that of their shepherd, George Glenn, who is found dead one dewy morning. His sheep immediately start their investigation. Who did the deed? As they uncover more and more evidence, the plot thickens…
: Germany
: UFA Cinema (Germany), TFC Trickompany (Germany)
: Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
: Michael Schaak
: Matthias Dinter

Dioses de Lata, Los (Tin Gods)
: Argentina/France
: Ayllu Animations (Argentina), Folimage (France), O2B Films (France)
: Juan Antin
: €4m

Diable, la jeune fille et le moulin, Le
: France
: Les Films Pelleas (France)
: Sebastien Laudenbach, Nathalie Hertzberg
: Olivier Py, Nathalie Hertzberg, Sebastien Laudenbach
: Philippe Martin, David Thion

Bunyan and Babe
: 12 year old Travis Barclay and his little sister Whitney are sent begrudgingly on a summer trip to visit their grandparents’ farm in Delbert County. A greedy land developer, Norm Blandsford, has been buying up the little country town, running the hard working residents off their land. After Travis has a run-in with one of Blandsford's men, he is chased into the forest where he stumbles upon a magic portal to the hidden world where Paul Bunyan lives.
: France/US
: Exodus Film Group (US), Sparx Animation (France)
: Tony Bancroft, Jim Rygeil
: Michael Nickels, Julia Wall, Dick Clement, Ian LaFrenais
: Max Howard, John Eraklis

Astrid Silverlock and the Staff of Virtues
: The Staff of Virtues is a lowly stick or cane filled with magical powers. Powers that enable the owner to see the true nature of a man´s heart. On a mission to return the Staff of Virtues to its rightful home, Astrid Silverlock´s father and brother are missing after an ambush. Her village fears the worst which Astrid refuses to accept. She sets out on a quest to find her father, complete his mission and bring her family home.
: Canada/Sweden
: Forestlight Studio (Sweden), Bron Studios (Canada)

Soul Man
: France
: Blacklight Movies (France)
: Digimage Cinema (France), Def2Shoot (France), Mad Light (France), Androids Associes (France), Piste Rouge (France)
: Guillaume Ivernel
: Caryl Ferey

Prima Ballerina
: A heartwarming Cinderella-like tale about eight-year-old Honey, who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina at the Royal Ballet of Bournonville. Honey's perseverance is put to the test as her father insists that she is needed on the farm. Honey's mother gets her to the audition on time and once she is accepted a close friendship with the ballet girls Pepper and Ginger soon blossoms. Gossip, however, a conspiring rival, feels threatened and will do anything to obstruct Honey's dream from coming true.
: Denmark/Hungary/UK
: Rambling Rose (Denmark), Studio Baestarts (Hungary), Grand Slamm Children's Films (UK)

Marche du crabe, La (March of the Crab)
Marche du crabe, La
: 70 mins
: France
: €3.5m

Zombie Western: The Legend of the Dark Butcher
: Denmark/Spain
: Perro Verde (Spain), Happy Fly Fish (Denmark)

Mehhiko Ekspress (Mexican Express)
: 75 mins
: Estonia
: Eesti Joonisfilm (Estonia)

Vilain petit Chartreux, Le (The Ugly Little Monk)
: France
: Les Films du Nord (France), Fargo (France)
: Fabrice Luang-Vija
: Arnaud Demuynck

Früchte der Heuchelei, Die
: 100 mins
: Germany
: Hahn Film AG (Germany), Welldone Films (France)
: Jonas Weydemann

Adam, die Schlange und Eva (Adam, the Serpent and Eve)
Adam, die Schlange und Eva
: The birth of mankind and the hilarious trials and tribulations of the first couple and their dog as they take their first steps into the big, wide and very new world.
: 90 mins
: Germany/UK
: Adam & Eve Productions Limited (UK), BFC Berliner Film Companie Production (Germany)
: Nordmedia (Germany)
: Neil Krepela
: Terry Jones, Joe Liss, Dave Lewman, Ingrid Mueller
: Rainer Soehnlein, Mike Fraser, Brian Mitchell
: €4.2m

Future For Sale
: Sweden/UK
: Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB (Sweden), Scottish Documentary Institute (UK)

Prezit Suuj Zivit
: Czech Republic/Slovakia
: Athanor (Czech Republic), C-GA Film (Slovakia)
: Jan Svankmajer

: Spain
: IB Cinema (Spain)

Louis la Chance
: Belgium/France/Luxembourg
: Carpe Diem (Canada), Luxanimation (Luxembourg), Shax Animation (France), AT Production (Belgium)
: Xavier Aliot, Philippe Leclerc
: $15m

Wizard of Oz, The
Wizard of Oz, The
: France
: Studio Action (France)
: John Boorman
: Jim McClain, John Boorman, Ron Mita
: Laurent Rodon, Kieran Corrigan, Claude Gorvsky
: $16m

: Lucie is a rebellious 12-year-old girl who can't stand her sister's arrogance nor her father's indifference anymore. Expelled from a cheerleading contest, Lucie accepts the invitation of an attractive boy to take her to the ball. But he turns out to be the devil, and the ball a witches' Sabbath. Amazed by the magic and the beauty of her one-night prince, Lucie signs a pact with him and becomes a witch. Excited by her new identity, she soon sees her dream turn into a nightmare. Prisoner of the devil, refected by all, she has to be crafty and stuggle to get back her freedom and her family's love.
: 90 mins
: Belgium/France
: Walking the Dog (Belgium), La (Parti) Production (Belgium), Mélusine Productions (Luxembourg)
: Benoît Feroumont
: Fabien Wehlmann, Benoît Feroumont
: Previous title: 'Macrales'.

Swing Poppa Swing
: France
: Les Armateurs (France)
: Sylvain Chomet

Kid, The
: France
: Superprod (France), Bidibul Productions (France)

La brigade chimérique
: France
: Sacrebleu Productions (France)

: 80 mins
: France/Luxembourg
: Superprod (France), Bidibul Productions (Luxembourg)
: Rebecca Dautremer
: Tai Marc Le Thanh

: Belgium/France/Luxembourg
: Lunanime (Luxembourg), Folimage (France)
: Alain Gagnol, Jean Loup Felicoli

Not the end of the World
: UK
: Illuminated Films (UK)
: Piet Kroon
: Piet Kroon
: Iain Harvey
: Based on the book by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Hirondelles de Kaboul, Les
: France
: Les Armateurs (France)
: Zabou Breitman, Eléa Gobbé-Mevellec
: Sébastien Tavel, Patricia Mortange, Yasmina Khadra

Abolu Pirags (Apple Pie Lullaby)
: 65 mins
: Latvia
: Rija Films (Latvia)
: Reinis Kalnaellis
: Andris Akmemtins
: Vilnis Kalnaellis
: €3.2m

Compagnie des Animaux, La (The Animal Company)
: Gus is letting his farm go to waste. He only emerges from his sluggishness once a week, when he watches a music show on TV. Yet Caroline, his daughter, decides not to give up and takes care of the animals as best she can. Caroline and the animals put up a show to try and lift Gus' spirits, but Archibald, the fiendish bird of some unscrupulous property developer, keeps a close watch on them. Archibald will talk Gus into selling the animals and sending Caroline to a boarding school.
: 75 mins
: France
: Label-Anim (France)
: Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) (France)
: Francis Nielsen
: Patrice Mithois, Thibaut Chatel

Secret of Hallowe'en, The
: 85 mins
: Denmark
: Lani Pixels (Denmark)
: €4.5m

Graine, l'Enfant de la Lune (Seed, the child of the moon)
: Seed, a homeless child, living in the dumps, uses the power of his dreams to save his third world country from dictatorship. This philosophical fairy tale tells about the difficulty of growing up and keeping the spirit of childhood in a very tough environment.
: 75 mins
: Canada/France
: Denis Friedman Productions (France), Mediabiz International (Canada)
: Denis Friedman, Didier Sustrac
: Denis Friedman

: 75 mins
: Ireland/UK/US
: Brown Bag Films (Ireland), Space Age Films (UK)
: Shane Acker
: $11.5m

: A Pakistani-born student learns that her brother has plans to become a suicide bomber. With just days before a terrorist mission takes place, she begins exploring virtual worlds using an avatar, in order to find him.
: Spain/UK
: Inter-Activa (UK), Zentropa International (Spain), Cine de Garaje (Spain)
: Ricard Gras
: Ricard Gras
: David Matamoros, Claudia Salcedo, Luis de la Madrid
: Uses computer game footage (machinima) and live action.

Asno de Oro, El (The Golden Donkey)
: Spain
: Dygra Films (Spain)

Aventuras de Xoan Sen Medo, As (Xoan the Fearless)
: The adventures of a child ('Xoan the Fearless'), who overcomes his fears by creating a fantasy world.
: Spain
: Continental Producciones (Spain)
: Xunta de Galicia (Spain)

En Busca de Oniria (The Search for Oniria, aka Lost and Found)
: Spain
: Dygra Films (Spain)
: Xunta de Galicia (Spain)
: Manolo Gomez
: Susana Lopez Rubio

Leaflees, Les
: 80 mins
: Belgium/France
: Moving Puppet (France), Digital Banana Studio (France)

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